Being woodworkers, it only seemed natural to heat with wood as well. That way we could be completely inundated with wood all the time. But in reality it has been working out very well for us. For those of you that don’t know, we live and work in an old church (140 years old next year). It is a struggle to heat this place with its drafty everything and 22 foot ceilings. This year though we heated with slab. Slab is the cutoffs from logging when the tree is squared for milling. It burns great. Anyway, where am I going with this? When it is cold, I have to wake up to fill the stove once or twice in the night. I did not do that last night. I slept through the night. This is exciting.

We have been slower than we thought on completing a dining set, but it left today (finally); bound for its new home in sunny New Mexico. We made it mostly out of hard maple, with some curly maple and black walnut thrown in for good measure. If you’re interested you can see more pics here.

We have a busy spring and early summer schedule we’ve been working on. Tomorrow (April 2nd) we’ll be at the I made it Market in Pittsburgh.  Also we have  new product that we will hopefully be debuting at Handmade Arcade. We are trying to make use of our new CNC router.

We will be posting our show dates on our events calendar.