We had a lot of requests at Renegade chicago for cufflinks. After a bunch of research we decided that if we were going to offer cufflinks we would need to design and build them ourselves. There are prefabricated cufflink blanks available, but they are in my opinion, junk. Anybody with a hot glue gun is making cufflinks out of them left and right, just do a search for cufflink on Etsy.
We designed the best cufflink we could produce. Check out the pic. The cufflink is stainless steel and oak (wood).Cufflink #1.


We had the wonderful opportunity to go vend at Renegade Chicago a few weekends ago.

The whole family packed in the Jeep and headed to Ohio where the dogs, myself (Julie) and the baby got dropped off at my parents.  Mitch continued on to Chicago to attend an Etsy Meet & Greet (see the post below) on Friday night. He had a great time and met some interesting people, and then had some really good beer at Goose Island.

The weekend turned out great for us, and Mitch really enjoyed meeting a ton of Chicago people. Here’s a picture of our booth, complete with the gorgeous backdrop of porta-johns.

Solidio @ Renegade

Maybe blog posting will be our new annual activity being that our last post was in November 2009.
I went to an Etsy panel discussion while we were in Chicago for The Renegade Craft show a couple of weeks ago. In the discussion they were talking about marketing and someone said that the saddest thing for them to see was an abandoned blog. Good thing we update ours at least once a year!
Anyway, Chicago was a great show for us. We have a revised design for the belt buckles that we think makes them even cooler (and was well liked at Chicago). We are working on applying for other holiday shows. All we know now in we’ll be in Cincinnati on Nov. 20 for Crafty Supermarket. Hopefully more to come on that.

We have been hard at work getting ready for our three upcoming shows. We plan to have plenty of belt buckles, necklaces and some frames.

We’ll also be updating our etsy and 1000markets shops SOON!!!! That will be a happy day indeed.

Here’s where we’ll be:

Philadelphia Cut the Craft! Nov 21&22

Cleveland Bazaar Bizarre – December 12&13

Pittsburgh Handmade Arcade – December 12



We are ramping up for the holiday season – could it be upon us so soon?!

So far we are confirmed participants at Cleveland’s Bizarre Bazzaar this year. The vent will take place Dec 12&13. Go here for more info: http://www.bazaarbizarre.org/cleveland.html

and, my hope is to update this site more frequently starting mid-October.

look for our new jewelery line then. 😉

so far this year is proving to be as busy as last!
we are working on finishing up some wood trays designed exclusively for DBOhome. They make beautiful ceramic plates, and this is an opportunity to pair some plates with wood trays or chargers. We are sending them off tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to seeing the photos!
I am also making more necklaces – I made 10 before the holidays and sold out! So they are are going to be a priority for this year – and I may also expand our jewelry offering.
The renovation of the church is coming along – we are currently tiling the bathrooms and finishing drywall – then it’s time to install the fixtures, paint and we are good to go! literally. 😉

to everyone who stopped by our booth at Bazaar Bizarre in Cleveland! I’m working on posting all of the belt buckles we have left on our etsy shop. and all of the frames we have left on our 1000markets shop. (if you haven’t checked out 1000markets.com, do so. it’s nice)

more updates soon!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by at Handmade Arcade, and for everyone being so patient! It was really crowded, and great to see so many old friend, people who bought buckles last year and were proudly wearing them, and great to meet all the new people who stopped by to buy and chat.

If you are looking for belt buckles, please go to the etsy site @ http://solidio.etsy.com.  I will be updating the site today, and it will be online tomorrow with many of the buckles that are left. If you saw something at HA that isn’t on the etsy site, let me know and I’ll see if I still have it.

If you are looking for frames, they will be posted @ http://solidio2.etsy.com tomorrow also.

thanks for supporting handmade goods!

currently we are working on a solid hard maple kitchen countertop and some reproduction cabinets, and a solid cherry tv console with handcut dovetail joints.

we are also making belt buckles for handmade arcade and a custom bolo tie for a client who liked our turquoise belt buckles.

we’ll add photos as things progress/finish.

we hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and planning on voting Nov 4!

we have finally set up a decent work schedule and are taking weekends off. how refreshing. 🙂

I set up a new etsy shop just for the frames – http://solidio2.etsy.com

and we are working on making lots more buckles for handmade arcade!

enjoy the fall weather if you can.



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