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Handmade Arcade was an excellent show this year. We had numerous people stop at the booth to flash us their buckles. Its gratifying to see your work in use and appreciated. We have been on the circuit long enough now that we have gotten to know other vendors. Unfortunately I was behind my booth the whole time and so did not have much of an opportunity to say hi. We did get to see Tugboat Printshop and Cosy Makes as we were neighbors.

We debuted a couple of new designs for the show. The one we are most excited about is the Solidio cufflinks. They are made similarly to our buckles in that the backs are stainless steel with a variety of wood types laminated to the front. We avoided the use of moving parts in the design, keeping true to our design ethos of simplicity.


We had a lot of requests at Renegade chicago for cufflinks. After a bunch of research we decided that if we were going to offer cufflinks we would need to design and build them ourselves. There are prefabricated cufflink blanks available, but they are in my opinion, junk. Anybody with a hot glue gun is making cufflinks out of them left and right, just do a search for cufflink on Etsy.
We designed the best cufflink we could produce. Check out the pic. The cufflink is stainless steel and oak (wood).Cufflink #1.

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